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Keith Musig is an accomplished jazz guitarist and songwriter who has called Tacoma home for the last decade. Since coming to the Pacific Northwest, Keith has been forging his craft through a variety of musical outlets such as the Musig-Christensen Duo, One Flight Up, Candy Shoppe, and the Keith Musig Trio.


Venues performed include: McMenamin's Spanish Ballroom, Art House Cafe, Tacoma and Olympia Farmers Markets, Twokoi, Mandolin Cafe, Half Pint Pizza, and Northern Pacific Coffee Company. He's performed at fundraisers and special events for the Junior League of Tacoma, Stand Up For Kids, American Leadership Forum of Tacoma and the Wright Park Botanical Conservatory.


Regardless of whether he’s playing solo or with others, Keith's repertoire includes his unique take on vocal and instrumental jazz standards as well as his own compositions. His material falls broadly into the categories of swing, blues, and modern jazz, creating an inviting mood from a melodic, chordal finger-style approach to the guitar and tenor-range vocals.


I used to subscribe to the theory that jazz lacked the passion and emotion that some other genres of music had. The first time I heard Keith Musig play I realized I was wrong. I learned that day, in a Tacoma coffee shop, that stories could be told and beautiful pictures painted with nothing more than the voice of a guitar.

-James Downer


When I first saw Keith play at jam sessions at the musically rich and short-lived “Panamonica's” Club in Tacoma, I recognized a guitarist who stood on his own musical ground. One moment he was channeling Mike Stern, prodding sustained distorted lyricism from a Telecaster, while the next he was the new incarnation of Laurindo Almeida, comping simpatico voicing behind each successive soloist during any given evening.

-David Dickerson


Keith has studied guitar from some of the best, including Don Ayers and Kevin Johansen at the University of Utah, King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp, and improvisation studies from both Pat Terry and John Stowell. 

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